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It is the usual foggy day in Sigil, the City of Doors. Merchants trade, workers work, planar travelers and common bubbers alike fill the inns and alehouses drinking away their fears, cares and jink. The cant around the cage is that a mysterious cutter known only as the Gardener is looking for a few capable bashers to retrieve an item from somewhere. The Gardener can be found in the Hive Ward – and rumor is he is paying hard jink for the job. Now many people around the Cage would do work for many reasons, one good turn deserves another, it is the right thing to do, the jink is good and hard. So what reason will our interpreted heroes find to assist this berk with his task? And once they agree to it will they curse the gods for the cruel tricks they weave for the unwary?

Originally planning on a quick trip to Arborea with the aim of borrowing a magical artifact, the heroes get involved in something far beyond what they could dare to imagine. They will have to face all the worst horrors that the Abyss can conceive, thwart the machinations of powerful demon lords, and run for their lives as they try to escape their fury. They will have to fight their own heart in places where morality is a crime, and struggle to retain their sanity through a plane where relief or safety are alien concepts.

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